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Sold On Hold

Superb On Hold Messages for Your Business

Sold On Hold is our flagship product - a professionally scripted, beautifully voiced audio brochure with high quality musical backing. Each soundtrack is a unique production - so it can express vibrancy and vitality... soothing relaxation... or anything in between.

Instead of a ‘sausage factory’ approach to on hold copywriting and production, we actually take the time to listen to your needs, your goals and ideas. So two soundtracks for the same type of business could sound remarkably different, depending on your specific requirements and the demographic of your callers.

And now for something completely different...Trivia Titbits

Looking to spice up your soundtrack with something out of left field? Ask us about our Trivia Titbits, the perfect way to break up your regular marketing script with a few little off-the-cuff Q&As - great for those businesses who typically have longer hold times and want to lighten the mood!

Or for even more entertainment, how about your own
Company Radio Station - click here to find out more!