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Sold On Hold "Company Radio"

Superb On Hold Messages for Your Business - PLUS Your Favourite Music!

Sold On Hold is our flagship product - a professionally scripted, beautifully voiced audio brochure. Each soundtrack is a unique production - so it can express vibrancy and vitality... soothing relaxation... or anything in between.

And now, On Hold is pleased to announce that we can even incorporate commercially available popular music into your On Hold Messages soundtrack - it'll sound like your own Company Radio station!

Keep it sounding fresh for regular callers by updating the music monthly if you like; or if you prefer, simply choose some appropriate songs to play in between your messages, with no commitment to update.

You can choose whatever songs suit your brand or your caller demographic best. While some tracks may not yet be available, On Hold has access to one of the best and most extensive audio libraries in Australia, with a range of program themes including Popular, Dance, Party & Classic Hits, Country, Contemporary, Chill-out, Relaxing, World and more. There are literally thousands of songs already available, with hundreds more being added each month!

So to make your soundtrack really stand out from the rest – ask us about including your favourite music tracks today!

Please note the following conditions:

1) Whilst we can incorporate popular music in between your On Hold Messages, it can’t be used as ‘background music’ behind the voiceovers. Your background music will be chosen from our library of high quality Royalty Free music.
2) You’ll need to have the appropriate APRA/PPCA licenses – see our FAQ section for more details.